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The Walled Garden, Aldbury

A stunning and intriguing building designed by the accomplished Kirkland Fraser Moor Architects within the grounds of an historic walled garden in the quaint and sought after village of Aldbury.

James undertook the master planning of the garden and maintained close client contact, providing planning drawings, precedent images and design statements to help contribute to successful permission being granted.

KFM design approach was to work within the context of paragraph 55 of NPPF and fundamental to the design proposals was the need to establish a building that balances the functional requirements of a family home with the aspirations for an innovative and exemplary low carbon dwelling. 

Particular attention was given to the context of the site and its historic usage, helping to inform how the design should be integrated sensitively into the surrounding landscape.  A key starting point in the design was  to address the way the building sits with the existing contours, tucking the structure deep into to the sloping bank to give the appearance of the building morphing out as a landform.

The landscape has been carefully manipulated to ensure a naturalistic look is created.  This required a restrained planting palette and paired back design, notably the further away you move from the building.  

Around the house itself, a series of contemporary, almost Zen like spaces have been created, with simple materials and minimal clutter.  A key focal point at the main entrance to the property is a crisp, pebble lined reflective water pool, reminiscent of the Barcelona Pavilion water feature by Mies Van Der Rohe.

This project was designed whilst working for Bowles & Wyer

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