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The Lancasters

The building was originally a terrace of 15 

stucco-fronted Grade-II listed houses dating from the mid-nineteenth century. It was purchased by a joint venture between the investment and development company Minerva and the developer Northacre Plc.

The building underwent significant redevelopment. It was completely demolished behind the French Renaissance style façade, which was retained in one of the longest façade development projects in Europe.

James was involved with the technical design stages of the project through to completion, whilst working at Bowles & Wyer, taking forward a sketch concept originally conceived by John Wyer. 


A key element of the design drew inspiration from similar architecture in the French Riviera and the amazing palm trees.  We also incorporated a deconstructed parterre garden drawing inspiration from Victorian flock wall paper patterns and motifs.  The client was so taken with the design that the palm trees played an integral part of the marketing strategy for the project.


The large communal landscaped garden  is constructed over a triple level basement with over 1m of specialist rootzone and sub soil build up in soft landscaped areas. 


This project was designed whilst working for Bowles & Wyer

Photos by Allan Pollok Morris

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