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We offer many services covering all aspects of landscape and garden design.  If we cannot cover it directly ourselves, we generally know someone who can!

Survey & Analysis

A measured survey is vital, providing an accurate base for design work to begin.  We can arrange quotations on your behalf from our specialist partners.  The survey also assists detailed site analysis and levels review.


From concept design through to detailed layouts, we can provide rendered presentation plans and black and white AutoCAD plans, fully labelled and showing all aspects of the design.  The plans are invaluable, providing a reference point throughout your garden transformation.

Planting Design & Procurement

Perhaps one of the most important elements in a garden, planting has the ability to completely transform a space.  Whether you are overhauling your whole garden, or perhaps just want to update a tired border, we would love to help design and procure the planting for you.

Project Management

Great design demands expert project management, ensuring your investment is realised in the right way, and turning the vision into reality.  Whether attending regular project meetings, or overseeing site operations, we have it covered.  We can also offer advice on suitable landscape contractors for the works.

Skilled Sub Consultants & Contractors

We prefer to stick to our core strength of garden design, but where necessary we may need to draw on our network of specialist sub consultants to assist us on the project.  We can cover topographical surveys, arboricultural reports, irrigation, lighting, and water feature design, amongst others.  We can also make recommendations for contractors to carry out the work.

Site monitoring & Snagging

Once the design has been agreed, and the construction package awarded to the successful contractor, let us give you peace of mind by monitoring the works through to completion.  We can attend regular site meetings, dealing with site variations and issues as they arise.  At the end of the works we carry out detailed snagging reports to ensure everything is as it should be.




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