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Green Sky Pocket Garden Chelsea 2021

Project Type

Show Garden


Chelsea, London

James was excited to be invited to design and install his first small show garden at Chelsea in 2021 in the new balcony garden exhibit alongside 4 other designers.  This was first time ever that Chelsea has been held in September. The garden was not judged as it was a pilot scheme.  

This lush green sky pocket garden has been designed as an antidote for busy city living, a perfectly formed oasis in the clouds.  The garden illustrates how best to maximise every part of our outdoor space.  It is designed to be attractive from within, but also have a therapeutic quality for inhabitants looking outwards, improving mental health and well-being.  

Vegetation cloaks the whole garden with a green roof build up utilised, minimising the amount of hard standing, and encouraging human interaction with plants.  A flexible and adaptable mix of ornamental plants, scented species, and edibles are used.  

RHS CFS Highlights (See from minute 48)  

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