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Greenings Farm

A stunning contemporary barn style building set in the heart of Aldbury Village, designed by Kirkland Fraser Moor Architects.

James was responsible for the landscape concept design and masterplanning, aiding a sensitive and successful planning application.  The key to the success of the scheme has been working closely with the client, architects and design team. 


The client's brief was for a contemporary courtyard garden with materials to complement the building.  Drought tolerant planting and gravel garden plants are being specified with mixed herbs and grasses.  

To the rear of the property, the building is nestled snugly within the landscape, overlooking a large wildflower paddock area and wildlife pond.  The aim is to plant a significant number of new trees within the landscape, enhancing the connection with nature and framing views towards the Ashridge Estate beyond.

The beautiful visuals were produced by NBV Visuals.

This project was designed whilst working for Bowles & Wyer


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