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Harefield Hospital

It was an honour to be involved in the creation of two special gardens in the grounds of the renowned Harefield Hospital, one of the largest and most experienced hospitals in the world for heart and lung transplants.  

James worked closely with fundraisers

Rosie Pope and Catherine Perry, helping them to think again about the design of the gardens, and creating a close relationship between both spaces.

The key driver behind both designs was to create vibrant, free flowing gardens, with winding paths and a relaxed style.  We wanted to encourage patients, visitors and staff to unwind and explore at their leisure.  

Hospital wards are restrictive spaces at the best of times, and the aim was for the gardens to be a welcome antidote to this environment, a space to rehabilitate, enjoy nature, and improve mental health and wellbeing.

A central serpentine path weaves through the healing garden and leads to a central seating area with raised planter.  Numerous trees, plants and seating options were introduced to provide a varied environment to enjoy the valuable space.  Sensory plants with movement, scent, colour and texture have been introduced.

This project was designed whilst working for Bowles & Wyer.  Bowles & Wyer were also responsible for the construction work.

Photos by Paul Upward

Visual by Anca Panait


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