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University College Oxford

We were asked by the buildings bursar to undertake the re-design of three important garden spaces in close proximity to one another.

The first two interlinked gardens are located between the exam schools, law library and a modern halls of residence called the Goodhart Building.  The brief was to create a modern garden space, upgrading the tired and old layout, and providing a space for the students and staff to enjoy throughout the year.  Key features included working with an existing Silvia Crowe garden and integrating a new water feature and croquet lawn.  

The third courtyard garden space is at the rear of 9-10 Merton Street and involved linking two gardens together.  The University had a desire to create a multi functional space for relaxation, events and entertaining.

Detailed pre-app discussions and negotiations with Oxford City Council were required in order to arrive at an amicable scheme for all parties.

This project was designed whilst working for Bowles & Wyer




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