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Ashridge Garden

James was approached by the client of this beautiful site in Hertfordshire to redesign a small area of the rear garden, focussing around a new swimming pool.  

On talking to the client it became apparent that there was a desire to think about the wider garden, and creating a holistic masterplan that could be implemented in phases.  

James produced two concept proposals for the site, clearly illustrating the potential in each zone, and showing option for other areas of the garden not previously considered.  

The client was so happy with the proposals they decided to invest in upgrading the front garden and the main spaces in the rear garden, in favour of installing a swimming pool.  

Bowles & Wyer installed the scheme and now maintain the garden. The planting design intent was provided by James with colleagues Anca Panait, and Stuart Wallace detailing.

This project was designed whilst working for Bowles & Wyer


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