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A Garden in St James Park

A large 20th Century building located in the heart of Westminster and close to St James Park.  The property was renovated extensively to become a family home and the client requested a traditional English style garden to complement the interiors and the setting of the building. 

We were tasked with designing the scheme from scratch, taking a blank canvas of lawn and tarmac driveway and transforming the space into a lush green and inviting space to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.  A row of existing mature London Plane trees required careful consideration and had to be protected during the course of the works, where a new parterre was created within in their canopy line.

Key features included a bespoke metal work and bronze  gazebo, a haddonstone  fountain, rose arches and car lift. 

James became engaged on the project during concept stage and subsequently saw the project through into detailed design, tender and completion, working closely with SHH Architects every step of the way.

This project was designed whilst working for Bowles & Wyer

Photos by Allan Pollok Morris

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