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From the Ashes!

Another fun collaborative competition entry with the design team at Bowles & Wyer for the famous Chaumont-Sur-Loire International garden festival for 2020.

The brief was 'Gardens of The Earth, Return to Mother Nature'


A place of reflection, knowledge and respect for all these mysterious harmonies, a place of sharing and conviviality, the garden, a microcosm mirroring the macrocosm, is the ultimate expression of the possibility of a
harmonious life. The Earth is a garden, and any garden should be a lesson on what our relationship with her ought to be, in a time when she is too often assaulted, defaced, and now at risk of putting us in danger. Wherever they are and whatever form they take, gardens are our future and must provide a model that includes a balance
with nature and new modes of coexistence between humans and non-humans.


The creators of the 2020 edition’s gardens will have to provide positive, ambitious and exemplary responses. Glorifying the wonders of Mother Earth, they will have to
come up with new, contemporary scenographies that seek to bring about better understanding among visitors,
amaze them and set them dreaming. 

We decided to work on a dynamic design, showing the power of nature after devastating fires tear through a landscape, and how nature is so resilient and can rejuvenate given time.  A charred garden would take place at the start of the festival, and over the summer it would start to flourish again with new planting and seed bombs taking hold.

Graphics by Anca Panait

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