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The Aircraft Factory

Located at 100 Cambridge Grove in Hammersmith, Bowles & Wyer were commissioned by ThirdWay to design the communal garden spaces around their conversion of the historic aircraft factory into modern offices. 

The site consisted of a cluster of small, neglected courtyards among the large industrial factory style buildings, all in dire need of restoration.  Part of the marketing strategy for the site was to ensure all office users had access to good quality 'break out' garden areas and were able to look out on to them wherever possible.  

Budget constraints put pressure on the design process, however we were determined to deliver a scheme that was vibrant, modern and engaging.  Subtle references to the former life of the factory were proposed, such as propeller sculptures and wing benches.

A dutch concrete paving material by Schellevis was used throughout with faux lawns and gravel borders.

This project was designed whilst working for Bowles & Wyer

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