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Whiskin Lane, Home

James designed and built his small town house garden after moving in with his family in 2014.  

The house is a new build property and as so often the case these days, the garden is very compact, measuring only 5m x 10m with a garden shed at one end.

The garden layout is practical in order to maximise space, but also to offers room to experiment with planting.  This has been constantly evolving over the years and will continue to do so.  


Another key factor was building the garden entirely on his own, during evenings and  weekends, so the build had to be realistic and cost effective!

A blend of grey granite and black basalt plank paving forms a modern patio off the kitchen with space for a BBQ, pots and seating. 

New oak sleeper walls and steps retain a simple faux lawn with space for the kids to sit and play in the warmer months.  A real lawn wasn't practical given the space constraints and areas of shade.

The garden will always remain work in progress, especially with regard to planting.  It's a space that brings me a lot of joy and peace especially on those sunny spring mornings sitting on the sofa and basking in the warmth! 

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